Hydrovacing is a unique method of non-destructive excavation. A hydrovac is an excavation unit that removes soil by using pressurized water (HYDRO) and a powerful vacuum (VAC). The high-pressure water loosens the ground while the vacuum extracts the debris into a tank mounted on a truck. Without damaging the infrastructure underground, the excavation can be performed effectively on all ground types such as:

. Clay

. Sand

. Gravel

Hydrovac units can also be used on frozen ground.

Oil City performs safe and efficient excavating for oil and gas, industrial, construction, and utility companies in Alberta.

The services include:

. Buried utility exposure

. Slot trenching

. Dewatering

. Sight hole drilling

. Ditch, culvert, and manhole cleaning

. Providing shoring service

. Providing dump site for clean and contaminated waste

. Providing site supervision

Oil City provides various dump locations and ensures that waste is dispoded off safely and in an environmentally conscious way. The company has a dump pit for both clean and contaminated waste to help provide its clients with competitive rates for their disposal needs.