Oil City is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at all of its operating locations. The company is dedicated to identifying, correcting, and preventing health, safety and environmental hazards that could adversely affect its employees, clients or general public. It is the company’s policy to work closely with its customers to establish high standards of performance and safety. Oil City provides a workforce with the necessary qualifications and knowledge to ensure safety and protection as well as the preservation of the environment.

Because safety is the main priority at Oil City, it is well outlined in its Health and Safety Program, developed to reduce and avoid work related incidents. The Program promotes health and safety in every task undertaken by employees on all operating sites.

Policies and Practices:

• Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
• General safety rules and practices
• Incident investigation
• Chemical, biological hazards, and harmful substances
• Confined spaces
• Cranes, hoists, and lifting devices
• Emergency preparedness and response
• Ergonomics and manual material handling
• Fall protection
• First Aid
• General health and safety requirements
• Ground disturbance
• Hazard assessment
• Hot work; fire and explosion – welding
• Hydrogen sulphide H2S
• Ladders
• Lockout tagout
• Noise
• Overhead powerlines
• Personal protective equipment
• Radiation exposure
• Respiratory protection
• Rigging